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VAMFF Launch Party

Mr Collins and his team are happy to announce their recent collaboration with VAMFF at their much anticipated launch party. The event is one of the highlights on the fashion calendar and the evening was a buzz with fashionistas, bloggers and photographers alike.  The theme for the evening was ‘Get Close’, which was carried through each element from design & styling,  to the quirky interactive menu laid on by Mr Collins & his chefs.
tc_vamff_web-60     tc_vamff_web-43
A stylish warehouse building South of the Yarra was used as the perfect venue for the 2015 launch of the festival.  Inside the sparse area of whitewashed walls, pastel coloured vintage furniture set out a stunning visual backdrop.  The scene was further complimented by a contemporary artistic layout of perfectly still models spaced out in several rows complete with hooded capes – adding a dramatic element to the exciting evening.
tc_vamff_web-7    tc_vamff_web-70
As the opening speeches commenced, it was time for Mr Collins and his crew to roll out the canapé service and fill those glasses with Aperol Spritz and crisp champagne.  Guests enjoyed succulent pork kromeski bites, Asian style panipuri’s with a thai coconut consume, and duck steam buns, as the impeccably dressed models sashayed down the runway.
  tc_vamff_web-48     tc_vamff_web-19
With roving dessert canapés being offered amongst the guests towards the end of the service, our chefs were extremely excited to be working alongside one of Melbourne’s premier gastronomic chefs, Matt Wilkinson, as he prepared his innovative smoked yoghurt ice-cream to tantalise all those tastebuds.
The evening was perfectly capped off with our signature “Coffee & Doughnuts”.   Quite simply; the perfect ending to an amazing event!
tc_vamff_web-58     tc_vamff_web-61
Until our next fashionable soiree…..
Mr. C

VAMFF ‘Get Close’ Menu
04 – 12 – 2014
Panipuri, sweet potato, asian herb salad, thai coconut consume
Nero Crisp, salmon, wasabi dressing, wakame, sesame
Pork kromeski, textures of apple
Falafel, pickled cabbage, chilli tahini yoghurt
Duck steamed bun, hoisin sauce, cabbage, cucumber
Collins beef burger, cheddar, pickle, Dijon, relish
Matt Wilkinson’s ‘Smoked Yoghurt ice-cream’, freeze dried raspberries, pistachios
Lemon sorbet, rose pink ‘Tommy Collins‘, crystalised rose petal
‘Coffee & Doughnuts’, “Little Drippa” cold drip coffee, vodka, salted caramel doughnuts

The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival runs 14 – 22 March 2015 with tickets available to the public.  Visit for more info.


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Mr. C

Mr Meticulous Masterclass presents: Flinders Island Meat

With a successful re-con trip to the picturesque Flinders Island ticked off in the Tommy Collins handbook, it was now time for the inaugural Mr Meticulous Masterclass to take place, with the prized meat being centre stage.  It’s fair to say that after having met the owners of the produce and touring the island’s farms, Chef Emile & Chef Fox were extremely excited to be presenting this special night for all their guests.
flinders-10      TC_MC_lamb-8
Hawk & Hunter cafe in Ripponlea served as the perfect venue once again, with the added value of guests being welcomed into the large production kitchen of Tommy Collins (at the rear) to take part in the chef’s demo.  The evening began with a roving canapé service with mouth-watering bites utilising a variety of exceptional produce from the island, including:  Blue Swimmer Crab, Wallaby and Milk fed Lamb.  With award winning label Petaluma sponsoring the evening, it was a match made in heaven for the guests.
TC_MC_lamb-1     TC_MC_lamb-2
Once the canapé service had concluded, it was time for the group to be split in two, with one half staying in the cafe area to be given the run through on  the wines being served and a quick history of the brand, by Petaluma rep Tim Davidson.   The other half of the group were guided through to the production kitchen where they had an interactive session with both chefs on the art of butchering, boning, stuffing & preparing lamb.  Half way through the demos, the groups switched to allow everyone to share the experiences.
TC_MC_lamb-16       TC_MC_lamb-26
With the lessons complete, it was time for a stunning 3 course sit down affair at the rustic styled tables set out on the cafe floor.  Guests were treated to an array of lamb delights, showcasing our chef’s culinary techniques which highlighted the tender produce.
Having two fantastic chefs on hand with an interactive session, a bountiful menu and endless glasses of Petaluma on offer, it’s easy to see why there were smiles all round at the end of this brilliant evening.Remember to keep your eyes peeled, as the next Masterclass is just around the corner …
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A personal pilgrimage to Flinders Island

Ahead of the much anticipated “Flinders Island Masterclass”, the big chiefs at Tommy Collins recently hopped across the Bass Straight to do an impromptu re-con mission at the home of the award winning produce.

With a dawn rising, it was straight onto a chartered flight at Moorabbin airport for James Madden (owner of Flinders Island Meat) and the Tommy Collins crew, followed by a short hour in the sky, landing in the stunning Northern Tasmanian landscape.  


The island is currently undertaking a huge tourism boost to encourage more visitors to enjoy the many trappings of this sustainable, rural land.  Heralding this big drive for ‘ North Tassie Tourism’ is Jana & Rauol from Flinders Council, who are endeavouring to ‘activate’ the island through corporate events, team-building excursions, golf trips and farm retreats.  With an aim to put this Tasmanian beauty back ‘on the map’, the Tommy Collins family are right behind the council here, with plans underway to become catering partners for these future collaborations.

flinders-51         flinders-32

After a quick tour of the family property & farm with James, the team ventured out to the open landscape of golden beaches, breathtaking cliff drops and crystal azure waters.  Next on the agenda was a walk through the lush green fields to take a look at the prized produce, then straight onto lunch at the local pub for some lamb backstrap and a Flinders Island late harvest Riesling.

The last stop of the day was a visit to the local and fully self sustainable Partridge Farm run by Rob & Lorraine Holloway.  The farm offers weekly retreats for people to ‘get back to nature’ and learn the craft of ‘living on the land’ by undertaking the various farm chores, along with activities of hunting, foraging & cooking.

flinders-37           flinders-34
With the endless possibilities of events on Flinders Island and having bountiful supplies of natural produce on hand, it’s easy to see why we are so excited here at Tommy Collins!



Keep your eyes peeled for some unique experiences coming your way soon…

For more information on this Tasmanian beauty, visit



Mr C




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Mr. C

Cowboys, Indians & Mr Collins….

Usually a booking for a 21st birthday would send shivers down the spine of any event manager.  They’d be thinking about possible drunken antics, lots of mess and maximum stress levels!  However, much to Mr Collins’s delight, this was no ordinary 21st party!

When Jackson (one of Mr Collins’s favourite sons) came to us with ideas for his 21st party, we were more than a little excited.  First there was the theme: ‘Cowboys & Indians meets the Show-ground’; next there was the awesome venue – his family property in Main Ridge; and finally, there was the food…lots and lots of glorious food!  Months of planning went into the party extravaganza, with Mr Collins teaming up with the polished hirers at Place Settings to ensure that all of Jackson’s ideas came to fruition.


Jacksons 21st (323 of 326)

Jacksons 21st (284 of 326)

On the evening of the party with the crimson sun setting on the farm landscape, the guests were ushered off the coaches and into the huge barn arena where the festivities commenced.  To the right of this main entrance, there was a couple of food trucks set up, with tacos & burgers on offer, with rustic oil drums & ‘Tolix’ high tables as allocated seating – all helping to enhance the show-ground backdrop.


Jacksons 21st (27 of 326)

Inside the main event space, an old fashioned saloon bar had been erected, with some dapper Mr Collins’s decked out in their custom uniforms, and ready to pour some quirky beverages.  A colossal dance floor had been set to the right hand side of the venue, complete with a pop up DJ booth and plenty of tunes to keep the revellers entertained into the small hours of the morning!


Jacksons 21st (134 of 326)

Jacksons 21st (269 of 326)

In keeping with this show-ground theme, the Tommy Collins crew served their hungry guests from various locations inside the venue, aptly named ‘side show alley’, ‘the spit station’ & ‘the big chiefs’ – with Chef Fox at the helm, ensuring this rustic ‘dude food’ was in plenty supply.


Jacksons 21st (50 of 326)

It’s fair to say that with an authentic Bucking Bronco, show-ground Shooting Gallery, full size Pop-corn stand, custom-made ‘Rave Cave’ and an endless supply of awesome food, Jackson’s 21st party, was definitely in a league of it’s own and has earned it’s spot in Mr Collins’s album!


Jacksons 21st (303 of 326)

Jacksons 21st (295 of 326)

Jacksons 21st (4 of 326)


Mr. C


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Mr Meticulous Masterclass presents: Ora King Salmon

Following on from the success of the Hopkins Beef Masterclass, Mr Collins promised to bring the Tommy Collins faithful another interactive dining sensation, and he didn’t let us down!  Collaborating with the talented fish heads at Ora King Salmon, alongside Chef Fox, Mr Collins rolled out another dining hit with a special ode to the  premium produce.  The event was run over the course of two evenings and held at the same venue of Ripponlea’s Hawk & Hunter cafe.  The 30 lucky guests were treated to matching wines for each course from the award winning label, Petaluma, with Melbourne rep Nicky Gameau on hand to offer her expertise on each drop.
The crisp vintage 2010 Croser was on offer as everyone arrived, marrying up with Chef Fox’s light canapés centred around the succulent salmon base.  From here, Mr Collins & Chef Fox began their formal introduction to the evening, running through the order of festivities with the intrigued guests.  With the group split up into two sides, one was ushered into the Tommy Collins production kitchen for an interactive session with our Head Chef.  Knife skills, pin-boning, filleting & correct cooking methods were just some of the techniques run through in the masterclass – with all the guests having the opportunity to try their own hand at each of these skills.  The remaining half of the group stayed in the main area of the venue where they were giving a short insight into the chosen matching wines from Petaluma by Nicky Gameau.  At the half way mark, the two groups swapped positions.


With the interactive element of the evening successfully complete, it was time for Chef Fox to begin the food service.  As the guests were seated at the crisp white linen tables, Mr Collins and his trusted team served up a light, fresh entree with matching Chardonnay.  Next up was a citrus infused main dish with accompanying Riesling, followed by an Almond Milk berry dessert served alongside a sparkling Rose.


With new fish skills in tow, pleasantly full bellies and happy smiles all round, it’s fair to say that the Ora King Salmon Masterclass was a roaring success!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Tommy Collins Masterclasses coming soon…

Ora King Salmon Masterclass Menu


Crumpet, creme fraiche, smoked salmon gravlax

Potato and dill latke, smoked salmon mousse

Croser Piccadilly Valley Vintage 2010


Confit salmon, cucumber, radish, cauliflower

White Label Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2013


Roasted salmon, fennel, blood orange, pollen

Yellow Label Hanlin Hill Clare Valley Riesling 2013


Almond Milk, raspberries

Croser Adelaide Hills NV Rose

Mr C

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